About us

Greenxxoo (Qing Xing) is an online platform providing sexuality education for teenagers and young people aging from 15-30. Founded in Shenzhen in Jan, 2016, we identify ourselves as a social entrepreneurship.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive sexuality education with gender perspectives for young people mainly through social media platforms. We advocate for responsible sexual behaviors and inclusive sexual attitudes.


We focus on issues such as body, sexual and reproductive health, personal growth, lifestyle and so on, encouraging young people to share their own stories related to the issues in our platforms.


Various forms have been adopted such as articles, infographics, comics, radio programs, short videos. We have accumulated approximately 600,000 followers in all social media platforms in mainland China. We have also published a book called “Secret yet significant stories in our youthful days”in Dec 2016. The book aims at uncovering those little secrets among girls in their youthful days, such as growth of breasts, menstruation, and masturbation which is still considered as social and cultural taboos and topics that are scarcely openly discussed in mainland China.


We also launched our own products, such as condom, underwear, tampon. We are aiming to promote safer sex and self-love of own body especially private parts through selling the products related to body and sex, as well as breaking the cultural and social taboo of talking about body and sex in mainland China.


You can find us in:

Website: www.greenxxoo.com

Wechat public account: 一颗青杏(elife_education)、青杏熟了(qingxingwenhua)

Sina Weibo account: @青杏酱

Email: wang@greenxxoo.com